Talks and Workshops

Talks & Workshops

I am an experienced speaker and have been presenting talks and demonstrations for over twenty five years to groups and interest classes.

My most popular talk, "My Life as a Textile Artist", is a personal journey that focuses on my inspirations, methods of work and presentation. I use actual pieces of my art work to illustrate this talk.

Additional talks are available on key topics such as, "Painting on Silk" and "Weaving - the creative approach!"

Workshops are available for all levels and include:




Machine Embroidery

Various techniques and ideas for exploring textures and surfaces using both free and automatic machine effects. Techniques include - building new surfaces, creating textures from very delicate sheers to dense and robust, incorporating layers of colour and fabrics, soluble fabrics, surfaces to bead, stitch and decorate. 3-D effects and finished items are also included.


Workshops are available for all levels. Participants need to bring their own machine.                                   

Silk Painting

Many techniques and ideas considered in a fun and creative manner. Silk Painting is a

delightful topic - once introduced you will never look back. A variety of techniques means the painted silks can be either the completed piece or incorporated within many other textile areas. The main topics of water- colour effects, salting, gutta (resist effects) will all be explained. Additionally, my "own take" on layering of colours to create fabulous subtle shadows will be explored as will print and surface decoration effects. You do not have to beskilled in drawing but just interested in colour and the magical effects when painting on fabric.

Workshops are suitable for all levels. Iron fix paints and silk are provided for the workshops. 

Wild Weaving

Using a hand frame loom with a wire warp will allow you to create some amazing and

original weaving effects. These workshops are pure fun and a great opportunity to go wild with colour and surface textures. Almost anything goes including blending machine cords, fleece and yarns you have stored at the back of the cupboard for years, just waiting for this opportunity. The surfaces formed are suitable as either 2D or 3D pieces and can also be incorporated into other projects. The use of beads and other decorative items will be considered.

 Workshops are suitable for all levels. A 12" wooden frame will be provided.

Needle weaving

Use of buttonhole, darning, beads etc for a modern creative take on this traditional

technique. Set within a metal ring, these pieces are contained within a frame that becomes

part of the completed effect. Depending on the choice of yarn these pieces can be either

delicate with an emphasis on lacy open effects, or more densely stitched to emphasis

texture. This is an ideal way to explore the combination of colour, patterns and stitch.

Workshops are suitable for all levels. Metal rings will be provided.

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