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Album 1 


A recurring theme in many of my pieces is the distinctive Australian environment, climate as well as the cultural mix. I have repeatedly returned to ponder the role of the Aboriginal people - both in their contributions past and present to the art world and wider cultural issues.


In my recent work, "The True Anzac" (2015), I examined the role of the "black diggers". The series portrays two features of Australian culture. The indigenous heritage is seen in the patterns and the paint markings on the outer edges whilst the white Australian culture is symbolised in the centre of each piece.


Album 2


Judaism is rich in symbolism and this has been a source for much inspiration. My identity as a modern Jew and daughter of a Holocaust survivor is a fundamental part of my persona and therefore a source for much creative reflection. For example, The series "Wrapped in Prayer" evokes the tradition of wrapping oneself within a prayer shawl during a synagogue service. There is a sense of oneness within the congregation and from a distance it can be difficult to discern the individual within the group. The coloured yarns symbolise the richness and beauty of tradition.


Tied closely to this are my strong connections to Israel – in particular the Northern area of the Galilee where I have my family,a home and mango farm.

"The Kinneret - for Erez and Ya'ara", is a three sectioned weaving instillation that i designed for my son and his wife when they announced their engagement as both families live in the region. It became even more poignant when they announced that their wedding ceremony would be on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.


The pieces "Discovered Shells" and "Along the Edge.." are also a product of my studies of the lake during the years when the water levels dropped to an all time low.


Album 3


The Elements - Water and it's properties has always been a powerful inspiration for my creative work. i am constantly drawn to the sea where ever I am. Growing up in Sydney, my home was situated on a harbour inlet and much of life revolved around the outdoors and time at the beach. Over the years The Great Barrier Reef has also been an important source of inspiration from both an ecological and visual perspective.


In Israel the main natural influence has been the large freshwater Sea of Galilee (The Kinneret), of which I am fortunate to have easy access to from my home. My most favourite pastime is the many hours spent swimming and exploring this natural gem right on my doorstep.


In October 2014 my daughter Ella married in a beautiful garden in The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The glorious sunlight, lush greenery and vibrant oranges of trumpet flowers provided a beautiful back drop for this special day. The series  "Threads of Life" was created to mark this event.


Album 4

Silk Painting

Silk Painting – work that incorporates painting on silk. Colour on fabric has been my great love since my earliest days of textile work. Pieces included in this album focus on silk painting effects for the finished product. However, on many occasions I combine painting on silk and fabric in conjunction with many other textile techniques.


Album 5

Woven & Constructed

Woven and Constructed surfaces explores unusual combinations used to "build" new textures. Weaving techniques incorporate a wire warp to create malleable surfaces. Knitting with bamboo papers and wires create "curtains" of colour.


Album 6


Accessories and small items for order: In the main I do not produce large quantities of any item but I am always delighted to produce limited amounts for special order or to accompany larger exhibition pieces.

Here is a small selection of scarves, ties, small bag pouches and made to order wedding "ring" cushions.